Vac 14 - wet/dry vacuum cleaner with water filtration system


Vac 14 - wet/dry vacuum cleaner with water filtration system

What is the Vac 14?

The VAC 14 is a wet/dry vacuum cleaner with a water filtration system and a large 14 Lt vacuum recovery drum. Equipped with a separator system with an impala and snorkel; a VAC 14 uses water rather than paper and cloth bags or an expensive HEPA filter to achieve higher levels of filtration. Not only does water filtration system trap fine dust particles, but it also saves money on dust bags. In addition the VAC 14 comes standard with extra long stretch hose and variety of tools for many vacuum applications.

How does the water filter system work?

Before use place approximately one inch of water into the recovery drum until the base of the snorkel is covered. On the vacuum is an impala that creates a vortex of water in the recovery drum. This vortex in the water creates suction to extract dust and soiling from the floor surface. Once extracted off the surface the dust and soiling then passes through the snorkel into the bottom of the recovery drum and gets trapped in the vortex of water. Once full, the head of the vacuum unclips in seconds for fast emptying of the drum.
Industrial Cleaning Solutions with Vac 14 system
Quite for Vac 14 industrial cleaning machine Demo for Vac 14 industrial cleaning machine

Included Tool Kit

  • 5m stretch hose,
  • 2 x PVC extension tubes,
  • rectangular floor tool (dry),
  • upholstery tool,
  • crevice tool,
  • round brush tool

Optional Accessories

Turbo head, wet/dry floor tool with inserts, telescopic steel extension tube, crevice tool.

Vac 14 Tool Kit and Accessories

Where is the Vac 14 water filtered vacuum used?

The high levels of filtration produced by water filtered vacuum system make the VAC 14 ideal for use in dusty environments. Such environments include construction areas, workshops and bakeries. Being a wet vacuum the VAC 14 water filtered vacuum is also ideal for plumbers or areas that are prone to flooding.

Vac 14 water filtered vacuum system  

Advantages of the Vac 14 water filter

•    Reduces asthma irritation caused by general vacuuming as it traps all irritants such as dust mites
•    Saves money on dust bags and expensive dust filters
•    Ideal for extremely dusty areas such as work shops, bakeries…etc.
•    Optional HEPA filter for even finer dust filtration
•    Super stable so it will not flip over like other vacuums

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